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Wildlife, rodents, and pests can render a work or living space unsanitary in a short period of time. When any one of these outsiders enter your home, they bring in contaminants that can ultimately become airborne. Urine, droppings, Hantavirus, bacteria, and more are real threats to your homes air quality.  Pests, rodents, and wildlife should be removed quickly and effectively.

The catch is that many pest control services will utilize pesticides that can be detrimental to your air quality. The problem can be solved using environmentally safe products that will eliminate the pests and not contaminate your home.

IAQM has partnered with a great friend and even better pest control and wildlife removal professional. Deice Pest Solutions and Wildlife Removal specializes in the safe removal of all types of unwelcome guests. Once removal is complete, IAQM can take care of any contaminants left behind.

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