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IAQM’s decontamination process is the most efficient in the industry. No other company can restore a healthy living or working environment as fast as IAQM. When time is money, count on IAQM. We have successfully decontaminated millions of cubic feet of shared air space, on-time and in budget. Nearly twenty five thousand retail locations count on IAQM to get them back in business, and with hundreds of satisfied homeowners, IAQM is the company that can restore fresh air and order to your building.

The challenges presented by toxic contamination from mold, gram-negative bacteria or chemicals are potentially serious to the health and well being of the occupants and can create enormous financial stresses as well. You want your air quality restored completely the first time.

IAQM highly recommends decontaminating all shared air space within a contaminated structure. Even though mold may only be growing in a break room or under the bathroom sink, the millions of spores generated by a single mold colony can easily affect your employees at the other end of your office or your family while they watch television in the living room. Spore dispersal studies have proven spores have the ability to quickly travel throughout a structure.

Professor C.M. Christensen at the University of Minnesota measured spore dispersal within an office building by using a marker fungus, a fungus with a distinctive color not normally found in the region. Five minutes after a culture dish was opened on the first floor, spore of the same fungus were detected on the fourth floor.

If being exposed to the allergic properties from mold spores being release was not enough, there is the possibility fragments that break off the spores may carry mycotoxins (molds’ chemical byproducts). Until recently, it was assumed inhabitants of mold-contaminated buildings were only exposed to mycotoxins via the inhalation of spores and spore-sized fragments of mycelia (Sorenson, 1999). Because of this, spore counts were valued for assessing the potential for mycotoxin exposure. However, it has been shown that particles far smaller than spores (down to 0.3) are released from colonies growing on building materials (Gorny et al., 2002; Kildes. et al., 2000). Large quantities of these particles can be liberated from colonies creating a 300-fold higher concentration of particles compared with the number of spores, greatly amplifying the potential of these fragments to cause illness and discomfort toward individuals (Gorny et al., 2002).

Whether the source of contamination is a small amount of growth in the corner of a bathroom or mold covering a entire wall from floor to ceiling, mold spores and mycelia fragments roam freely and contribute to sick building syndrome.

To combat the spore dispersal issue, the IAQM decontamination process utilizes a total shared air treatment process that allows our highly trained professionals to completely sanitize your building no matter where the source of contamination is. Studies like Professor Christensen’s mandate your selected remediation contractor must treat all shared air areas to effectively rid your structure of harmful contaminates. Our specialized decon process ensures that when IAQM is contracted to decontaminate your structure, we are able to leave you with a healthy building and a safe environment.

IAQM Decontamination Process drastically cuts your air quality restoration costs. We will also save you thousands of dollars more with on-site, Decontamination on Demand (DOD) contents cleaning. With DOD, there is no more wasted time transporting contents or wasted money on the fees associated with relocation. We offer the best service, so we encourage you to measure us against the rest of the industry. There simply is no comparison.

Adding the exclusive IAQM structural decontamination process to your remediation plan will reduce equipment costs and eliminate time-consuming steps, including:

  • The assembly of containment barriers
  • The need for negative air machines
  • Fees associated with relocation off-site contents decontamination
  • The double bagging of hazardous waste materials
  • The use of hazardous chemicals

Structural decontamination and the exclusive IAQM process conserve valuable resources while restoring a healthy environment in mere hours. Here are just some of the benefits to structural decontamination:

  • Minimize expensive relocation costs
  • Sanitize the building of all unwanted contaminants
  • Eliminate indoor air quality-related absenteeism
  • Limit litigation exposure by providing a proactive solution

And once we’ve restored the air quality to its safest level, your contractor of choice can rebuild the structure to your specifications.


IAQM is pleased to offer the industry’s first On-Time Guarantee for mold remediation and decontamination services.

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While the rest of the industry is content to remove mold only at a visible level, our Total Indoor Air Quality Approach restores the entire structure to healthy levels and vastly reduces the chance of future growth.

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We offer a wide array of solutions designed to restore contaminated homes to a safe and healthy environment.

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