IAQM has been decontaminating mycotoxins since 2002. No other company has as much success as IAQM, with millions of cubic air space successfully decontaminated.

Mycotoxins can be devastating to human health.

Mycotoxins are highly toxic, secondary metabolic chemicals produced by some problematic molds. They occur under different conditions, and there are currently more than 400 known mycotoxins. These types of toxins are invisible, tasteless, chemically stable and resistant to temperature. Mycotoxins are nearly all cytotoxic, disrupting various cellular structures such as membranes, and interfering with vital cellular processes such as protein, RNA and DNA synthesis. Of course, they are also toxic to the cells of higher plants and animals, including humans.

Mycotoxins vary in specificity and potency for their target cells, cell structures or cell processes by species and strain of the mold that produces them. Higher organisms are not specifically targeted by mycotoxins, but seem to be caught in the crossfire of the biochemical warfare among mold species and molds and bacteria vying for the same ecological niche.

Mycotoxins are the “bio-toxins” (poisons) produced by various species of fungi/mold. Just like a rattlesnake produces “venom”, which is its bio-toxin, fungi/mold produces its own bio-toxins, which are called “Mycotoxins”.

Mycotoxin exposure from indoor mold growth can affect:

  1. Vascular system: (Aflatoxin, satratoxin, roridins)
  2. Digestive system:: (Diarrhea, vomiting, intestinal hemorrhage, liver effects, necrosis, fibrosis): (Aflatoxin, T-2 toxin; anorexia: vomitoxin)
  3. Respiratory system: Respiratory distress, bleeding from lungs (trichothecene)
  4. Nervous system: Tremors, incoordination, depression, headache, (tremorgens, trichothecenes)
  5. Cutaneous system: Rash, burning sensation sloughing of skin, photosensitization, (trichothecenes)
  6. Urinary system: Nephrotoxicity, (ochratoxin, citrinin)
  7. Reproductive system: Infertility, changes in reproductive cycles, (T-2 toxin, zearalenone)
  8. Immune system: Changes or suppression (many mycotoxins).

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