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Advantages of Our Mold Remediation Services

IAQM is the premier independent mold remediation company in the country. Since 2002 we have remediated all types of structures in 42 states, Panama and Puerto Rico. We have abated mold from under a kitchen sink to a 550-room hotel casino. We have successfully completed remediation projects for some of the largest hospitality companies in the world and, at the same time, most likely one of your neighbors’ homes.

One advantage you receive when hiring IAQM is the experience we’ve gained in working with so many diverse building situations and, secondly, we understand attaining fresh, safe air is not a sectional science. A cause and effect must be addressed on every project.

IAQM offers the only comprehensive process that completely deactivates mold, mold spores, hypha, and mycelium and neutralizes mycotoxins and other toxic compounds. If the health and well being of your family or employees are at the forefront of the decision of which remediation company you select, then IAQM is the only answer.

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