Two Caught in the Act of Manufacturing Drugs.

Two Macon men were arrested last week after being caught in the act of ‘cooking up’ a batch of methamphetamine at a residence on Greene Settlement Road.

Jones County Sheriff’s Investigator Lt. Jimmy Black said Michael Stephen Fletcher, 39, and Aaron Scott Dubose, 24, were arrested sometime between 5-6 p.m. Friday, May 28. Black said investigators had been looking for the location of the lab for several hours. He said Investigator Gerry Nelson received information about the criminal activity, and the officers were following up on the tip when the lab was discovered.

Black said the meth lab was in a concrete building that could best be described as a utility shed behind a home on Greene Settlement Road.

“The suspects were actually in the process of cooking it when we drove up, and they were arrested without incident,” he added.

Black said he pulled up to the lab and could smell it before he got out of his car. He said he talked to the suspects for a couple of minutes while Nelson and Investigator Robert Reece came up on each side of the building.

“We had already developed the information and knew what they were doing,” Black commented.

The investigator said a number of the components of meth are highly volatile, and the process creates a tremendous fire risk. He did point out, however, that the area in which the lab was found allowed the fumes to dissipate without affecting the neighbors.

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