We didn’t choose the air quality industry…. the air quality industry chose us.

In 1999, we had a mold issue in our own townhome. At the time there was very little known about indoor air quality and much less about the dangers contaminated air could produce. The passion for this industry began when our newborn son was rushed to the emergency room on two different occasions when he stopped breathing. We were determined to find out what was happening to our son and our family.

The next 3 years were spent researching and speaking with every expert that would take our call. This research resulted in Indoor Air Quality Management (IAQM). Our company is dedicated to research, testing, and improving traditional remediation methods. The first major breakthrough for IAQM came when we discovered a mold remediation project could be considered “clean” by industry standards and still not be a safe environment for the occupants.

Discovering how mycotoxin contamination related to mold problems and remediation set the course for IAQM.  Over the past 14 years, this discovery has taken IAQM to 42 states, Puerto Rico, and Panama. We have decontaminated millions of cubic feet of air space in homes, hotels, commercial buildings, and schools. Along the way we have provided hundreds of customers safe, healthy living environments. The passion is still going strong to ensure no other families would have to experience what we did.

We encourage you to look over the many services that we offer.  Each service and/or product is offered so you can breather easier.


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