Our Rapid Response Decontamination System

When a disaster hits, whether it’s a storm named Katrina or a plumbing leak that has been hidden for months, IAQM excels at creating safe environments from contaminated structures. Since 2002, our reputation has been built upon providing the best decontamination services available.



Decontamination is the process of cleansing an object or substance to remove contaminants such as chemicals, bacteria, or viruses. This is done to eliminate the health risks to human beings or animals and damage to the environment.

At IAQM we have the technology, equipment and dedicated service to completely satisfy all your decontamination needs. Being proactive, addressing the problem quickly, and having the job done right the first time is the crucial first step. IAQM has developed an innovative and efficient process of decontaminating a structure with fumigation.

When it comes to decontamination, IAQM is the company you can always count on.

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