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Our Contents Decontamination process is yet another exclusive, cost-effective solution we offer. Replacing contaminated contents can be expensive and tiresome. In many cases, depending on the item, restoration is often a less costly option than replacement. Contaminated computers, electronics and other high-priced, sensitive items that may not be physically damaged can be restored quickly and effectively. We have a variety of proven methods to decontaminate and restore the wide range of personal items in your home or business.


IAQM offers a full range of content restoration cleaning services to assist you in your time of need. Our vast technology resources are available to you at a moment’s notice.

Regardless of the method, all of our decontamination and restoration work is completed on site. Our exclusive on-site process safeguards your important items from contaminants and helps avoid the risks incurred from off-site cleaning. We are the first to develop Decontamination on Demand: IAQM-engineered DOD trailers that arrive to the job site fully equipped with the latest decontamination technology. This allows our trained professionals to clean and restore your items unlike any other service provider in the industry.

Our decontamination chambers (52’ trailers) are one-of-a-kind in the country, specifically designed for consumer goods. Our DOD capabilities give you the assurance of a thorough decontamination and restoration service while maintaining the integrity of your personal items. We minimize the stress and hassle of traditional contents restoration saving you valuable time and money.

There is no longer a need to discard any contaminated products. IAQM has developed a process that has passed the most stringent rigorous testing. Combining our EPA-registered safe decon solution with several technologies, we can salvage the toughest of toughest items – soft goods.

Each item is treated in our specially designed four-stage decontamination process. No one in the industry can save more of your belonging as IAQM can. Your precious family heirloom or valuable items can be saved and restored back to their original state.

If you want to keep it, IAQM can clean it.



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