Swine Flu Strikes Again in Wales

Just when you thought it was over, Swine Flu has emerged again in Britain, striking down a man in Wales. The victim is currently in hospital with the virus.

The surprising news comes at a time when the deadly influenza strain was thought to have died down. The UK government was so confident that swine flu levels were declining that it closed the National Swine Flu hotline, which had previously played a key part in offering people advice, and informing them about where they could access Tamiflu.

While this latest instance probably does not mean that there will be a resurgence in the virus, it is a sign that, despite declining levels, swine flu still poses some threat in the UK.

Thousands of losses

Over 18,000 people have now died from Swine Flu globally. Tamiflu has helped to treat many people suffering from symptoms of the virus.

Vaccines have also played a role in the fight against the pandemic. Governments around the world have recommended that these vaccines be given to those who are most vulnerable to infection.

This includes young children, elderly people, pregnant mothers and people with pre-existing health conditions. While some such people have been vaccinated, many have not been. Despite declining in much of the Western World, Swine Flu is spreading in parts of Africa and other parts of the globe. Many people in these countries do not have access to vaccines or Tamiflu.

Bird flu

Influenza comes in many different strains. A notable one that struck the world before swine flu was avian flu, otherwise known as bird flu. Although the bird flu pandemic is largely believed to have died down, some new cases are still emerging in Asia.