Attics are perfect places for mold to hide. Air conditioning that cools home interiors has little effect on attic temperature. In Texas, the combination of heat and lack of ventilation causes moist air to be trapped. This provides mold spores the ideal conditions to thrive in insulation and on attic rafters and framing – kind of like a spa for mold.

IAQM offers a complete solution for attic remediation. We contain the attic space from living spaces during our process, insuring that we do not cross contaminate your indoor space.

Effective Attic Remediation

IAQM has developed a process for effectively, safely and permanently removing mold from attics. Containing the attic from the rest of the living space creates negative air pressurization, preventing cross contamination while adding multiple air scrubbers near the attic entry. We will remove the mold, mold spores and bio film followed by using our decontamination solution for mycotoxins. Depending on the space, we may utilize dry ice blasting. This is an effective method to remove large amounts of mold from wood framing.

Blasting or agitation techniques will ensure complete source removal of mold spores and their root system from the contaminated wood framing. All remediated surfaces are HEPA vacuumed and wiped down with an environmentally safe, non-VOC disinfectant. The final step is to apply a clear, anti-microbial wood coating to the newly cleaned wood surfaces.

While in your attic, we will inspect for the following:

  1. Lack of adequate ventilation or improper ventilation
  2. Existing or previous roof flashing leaks,
improperly exhausted bathroom fans and/or dryer vents
  3. Evidence of rodents, wildlife or pests

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