Anti-microbial Coatings

IAQM is the distributor for the finest paint and coatings commercially available. These coatings offer unsurpassed waterproofing capabilities while remaining breathable. Water cannot get in, yet moisture vapor can get out; perfect for long-term applications. EcoProtective products deliver the longest sustained value for consumers while protecting the environment. Paint is only as good as the materials that it comprises; therefore, EcoProtective paints are never compromised by the incorporation of cheaper raw materials. The result is a line of paints and finishes that continue looking and performing like new even after years of environmental exposure. Investing in your home, facility or development with EcoProtective paints and products produce outstanding economic and environmental benefits for everyone.

Platinum Exterior 1000 provides long lasting surface substrate protection and is ideal for application to vertical surfaces of varying heights and substrate material. 1000 passed the Water Canon test at 98 MPH for 24 hours without penetration. The coating’s breathability permits the diffusion of internal moisture through the dry Silm and to the exterior preventing internal moisture issues. Additionally, this elastomeric acrylic cures at a DFT of 15 mils and exhibits outstanding tensile strength and elongation. Platinum Exterior 1000 maintains integrity even in extreme conditions such as violent weather, heavy wind and structural sway and torque. Moreover, the coating will bridge gaps in substrate cracking such as in stucco or concrete. Platinum Exterior 1000 has an extremely high ratio of color retention and demonstrates a Solar ReSlectance Index (USGBC) of 105 helping to reduce thermal heat gain.


IAQM offers a 10% discount on all EcoProtective paint and coatings with application.

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