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Mold and Mold Products FAQ's

What is Indoor Air Quality Management and what does it do?

IAQM is the leader in indoor air quality restoration. Our mission is to ensure healthy living and working environments through diligence and innovation.

IAQM is the sole source IAQ provider to companies representing over 3,800 locations across the United States with projects ranging from a leak under a sink to a multi-million dollar, multi-location project. IAQM is also a global company.

Our experienced team has investigated or serviced structures in 46 states and four countries. Based in Texas, we also have branches set up all over the country and can dispatch our exclusive Decontamination on Demand system in a matter of hours.


What is Contents Decon and Structural Decon?

It is from a base product developed at a US Government National Laboratory for the destruction and neutralization of chemical and biological agents. The enhanced formulation is for decontamination and mitigation of chemicals (mycotoxins) and biological pathogens. The base product of Contents Decon and Structural Decon has demonstrated that it can rapidly neutralize chemical and biological agents including trichothecene mycotoxins. IAQM has the exclusive rights to the application and distribution of this product to address mold and mold by-products in the commercial marketplace.

IAQM's Contents Decon and Structural Decon is a non-toxic, non-corrosive formulation for the deactivation and neutralization of mold by-products. Independent laboratory tests have shown that the formulation is effective in eliminating trichothecene mycotoxins associated as a chemical toxic by-product of mold and mold spores.

IAQM's Contents Decon and Structural Decon...

  • Is Environmentally Friendly
  • Neutralizes Mold By-Products
  • Deactivates Mold Spores
  • Eliminates Trichothecene Mycotoxins
  • Sprays Quickly & Works Effectively
  • Cleans up Easily and Cost Effectively

The base formulation is effective for neutralizing both chemical and biological agents which has been demonstrated in live agent testing at approved military facilities such as the Edgewood Chemical and Biological Center and the Dugway Proving Ground; the formulation is environmentally benign (i.e., non-toxic and non-corrosive) and works on a number of anticipated material surfaces (i.e., wood, fabric, concrete etc.; it can be incorporated into liquid sprays and fogs that satisfy a wide variety of operational objectives. Technology development is focused on the decontamination of open, semi-enclosed, and enclosed facilities as well as sensitive equipment. Examples of these types of facilities include a stadium (open), an underground subway station (semi-enclosed), and an airport terminal, office building, hotel and residential structures (enclosed). Decontamination technologies for domestic applications have been focused on three general needs: to restore a facility to usefulness after mold contamination, (i.e., facility restoration, facility remediation or facility decontamination); to provide the first responder to the scene of a chemical or biological attack with the capability to rapidly respond to the event and to deal with potential casualties (i.e., first response); to restore a facility to usefulness after an attack (i.e., facility restoration or facility remediation).


How long has it been around?

Development of the original base formulation occurred during the period of January 1997 to July 1999. The initial development process focused strictly on the facility restoration scenario. In July 1999 field-testing of base formulation began. In October 1999 the process to commercialize the decontamination formulation by licensing the product to private companies was initiated.

Who invented it?

The base product was developed by a National Laboratory for the U.S. Department of Energy's and National Nuclear Security Administration's Chemical and Biological National Security Program.

Why was it invented?

One objective of the Decontamination and Restoration Initiative of the CBNP program was to develop rapid, effective, and safe (non-toxic and non-corrosive) decontamination technologies for the restoration of civilian facilities in the event of a domestic terrorist attack in the urban environment. During the field testing and commercialization process, it became apparent that the primary interest for the use of the decon formulation was from the civilian first responder (e.g., fire departments, police departments, and HazMat units who would be the first to arrive at the scene of an attack utilizing CBW agents) and from the military (for both battlefield and fixed site decontamination) followed by a secondary interest in use of the fog for facility decontamination.

Are there any after effects to humans from this product?

No-Although the secondary based (special formulation) product has been used as a skin decontaminant, the product as of 9/01/02 has not been approved for use on skin. Prolonged exposure to vapors should be avoided. Prolonged skin contact will lighten skin color temporarily.


Is it harmful to pets? (dogs, cats, fish etc.)

Not for use on skin. Prolonged exposure to vapors should be avoided. Pets should be removed during decontamination.

Is it harmful to plants?

Plants must be removed during the decon process.

Can you use this product in and around air conditioning equipment?

Yes - Decontaminates and mitigates both chemical (mycotoxins) and biological agents in HVAC systems. After the 24 hour decontamination process, the HVAC may be used without limitation.

Are sealed foods safe?

Yes - If any moisture is retained on the surface area of the packaging, the excess solution must be wiped dry. Does it affect open food? Yes - All open containers must be removed from contaminated areas and be properly disposed of.

Why are IAQM's Contents Decon and Structural Decon better than other methods?

No other known product will neutralize mycotoxins and is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable and environmentally friendly. Contents Decon and Structural Decon is the only cost-effective environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable products that will eliminate toxic mold and toxic mold by-products (i.e. mycotoxins). Our product has the potential to save our clients millions of dollars in remediation cost.


Is special equipment required for the application of Structural Decon?

Yes - successful use of Structural Decon requires application training, the right kind of equipment and, most importantly, the knowledge to understand the production of mold and mold by-product issues. This specialized equipment is only available at IAQM.

What kind of guarantee is associated with this product?

Your facility will be free of active mold by-products. (i.e. mycotoxins)

How much does it cost to use this product over other processes?

Contents Decon and Structural Decon is the most cost effective way to decontaminate a structure compared to other remediation and decon methods. Our products cost pennies on the dollar compared to conventional, destructive remediation processes.

Will this product bleach out colors in fabric, such as curtains, bedspreads and carpeting etc.?

As with any product, you should test for colorfastness. No reports of staining, dyeing or bleaching when the product is used properly as a single liquid or fog solution.

What effect does this product have on glued surfaces and other adhesives such as vinyl wallpaper and wood glue joints?

There is no negative impact on the performance of these products.

What does the product do to painted surfaces?

There is no negative impact on painted surfaces.

What effect does it have on ceiling tiles?

There is no negative impact on ceiling tiles.


Does it effect the finish on furniture?

No. As in any solution, if excess moisture is retained the furniture must be wiped dry or air-dried.

What about electronics, like TVs, radios, coffee makers, etc.?

All electrical devices should be unplugged during the decontamination process. As with any solution, if excess moisture is retained, the equipment must be wiped dry or air-dried.

Does this product affect rubber products such as gasket material, etc.?

Decontaminates and mitigates both chemical (mycotoxins) and biological agents. As with any solution, if excess moisture is retained, the product must be wiped dry or air dried. Does the formulation kill all mold spores? The solution degrades the proteins, thus making spores inactive and neutralized.

Does the formulation kill all mold spores?

The solution degrades the proteins, thus making spores inactive and neutralized.

Does the formulation kill all mold spores?

Decon inactivates all mold spores that it contacts.

What effect does this product have on mycotoxins?

The solution neutralizing mycotoxins.

How can we be sure this product will do what IAQM claims it will?

Third party independent clearance testing is always recommended.


Will the process have to be done more than one time?

IAQM recommends a two application process. Once before any structural destructive work begins and again before build back. IAQM recommends all building materials be decontaminated prior to entering an environmentally cleaned structure.

How long does it last before you have to re-treat?

No additional re-treatment is required if all negative environmental issues (moisture intrusion or excessive humidity) have been addressed properly.

Will it penetrate cushions/mattresses?

We can decontaminate soft porous items, but for the most part, it is not cost effective to decon filler materials.

Will it penetrate the carpet and padding?

We can decontaminate surface carpet. Padding has to be examined on a case by case basis.

Does the fogging process decontaminate all materials it contacts?


Will it penetrate books and magazines?

We can decon books and magazines. The process is labor intensive and must be reviewed on a case by case basis to determine if it is cost effective.

Will anything smell after treatment?

A neutral, fresh, clean odor.

Is it flammable?



Are there any side effects that need to be identified?

There are no known side effects other than if working with the product unprotected for prolonged periods of time skin will lighten temporarily. Prolonged exposure to vapor should be avoided. If there is accidental eye contact, eyes should be flushed thoroughly.

Do you have references?

The IAQM formulation has been successfully utilized in many residential decons and is currently being reviewed for application in schools, commercial buildings, business and industry settings. The base product was used at ABC studios in New York, and was on hand for use during recent high-profile events such as the 2000 Democratic National Convention and the 3rd Presidential Debate. The formulation was deployed in congressional office buildings in Washington, DC in October and November 2001.

Will any work have to be done to the air conditioning system after the process is complete?

The HVAC system is involved whenever there is an indoor air quality issue, either in a causational aspect (high humidity, drip pan, etc.) or spreading of spores (i.e. mold seeds). The entire HVAC system and vents should be decontaminated. It is recommended that an IAQM or independent HVAC specialist evaluate the system prior to returning the system to service.

How long does it take to neutralize mold and mold by-products (i.e, mycotoxins) endotoxins, MVOC's, VOC's, viruses and bacteria, etc.?

The mold by-products are neutralized within minutes; HOWEVER, the structure should not be re-entered or occupied for 48 hours.



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